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Sorry The Beat The Bonk Challenge Has Ended

However you can still get Vespa at a "no brainer" introductory price and experience No Bonking and Improved Performance with no change to your diet

There is an easy way for you to tap into your limitless onboard energy without changing your diet or fueling.   It's as simple as using Vespa.

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More About Vespa

What is VESPA?

Vespa is a peptide that acts as a natural catalyst which accelerates fat metabolism by working with your body’s physiology to tap into YOUR unlimited energy, FAT!

How is this different to a gel?

Because Vespa works with your natural physiology rather than circumvent it you won’t get the sugar rush from a gel and/or the caffeine high from stimulant based energy/fueling products. You won’t get the crash either. What you will get is steady, natural energy, strength and stamina.

Why should I try VESPA?

As Jeff Browning mentioned and all of our athletes can attest to (more Vespa stories here), this is what Vespa will do for you, it will ELIMINATE :

  • The ups and downs in energy levels just steady natural energy.
  • The lack of mental fog, irritability, mental/emotional instability, instead sharp focus, mental/emotional stability and execution.
  • The need to constantly fuel/eat. VESPA users generally experience a dramatic drop in caloric intake during exercise.
  • The GI distress & ‘bonking’ are eliminated. 
  • The days or weeks of soreness and stiffness after an event or heavy block of training. Using VESPA you PREVENT DAMAGE from the oxidative stress and lactate load created from burning lots of glucose/sugar. People think of this as fast recovery but it’s really ‘DAMAGE PREVENTION!’

Is VESPA safe to use?

Vespa’s synergistic composition of Honey, Propolis, Royal Jelly & Wasp Extract are so natural, safe & legal that the FDA classifies Vespa as an ‘Acidified Food Product’ NOT as a ‘Dietary Supplement.’

The key ingredient in Vespa is “Wasp Extract,” a naturally-occurring bio-active peptide derived from the Asian Giant Wasp. This allows this predatory wasp to fly 60-100 Kilometers per day, kill prey, and carry 1/3 of it’s weight in a food ball back to the colony to feed to larvae, all done using “Fat for Fuel!”

Because animal cells are remarkably similar across species the Japanese entomologists who made this discovery of nature, theorized this peptide would have a similar physiological response across species. Studies in Japan and Vespa’s 20 year real world success at the highest levels of sport confirm this

Are there other benefits to using VESPA?

Vespa confers several benefits beyond endurance, stamina and the need for calories:

  1. Cellular DAMAGE PREVENTION which is seen as faster ‘recovery’ by Vespa users. This is due to significantly lower oxidative stress and excess lactate (i.e. Lactic Acid buildup) by metabolizing fat instead of glucose ( Blood Sugar).
  2. Retention of fine Motor Skills / Coordination. This is a result of the ‘Blood Sugar Stability’ Vespa provides by making the fundamental shift to ‘fat as fuel.’
  3. Mental Focus & Stability. Again, the ‘Blood Sugar Stability’ provided by the shift to ‘fat as fuel’ drives the physiology of homeostasis.
  4. Attenuation of hunger triggers. This, yet again, is afforded by the ‘Blood Sugar Stability’ of making a shift to ‘fat as fuel.’ Taken ahead of the onset of hunger triggers Vespa curbs hunger to help people transition to a fat burning physiology.

Can I use gels, shotblocks, liquid nutrition or other carbs with VESPA?

Yes!, in fact, Vespa athletes consistently report :

1) They need 25-80% LESS exogenous calories when using Vespa. This reduction makes Vespa a LOT less costly than it appears on the shelf!

2) These supplemental calories now “work” like Rocket Fuel!

3) These calories are sustainable for the performance “boost” and avoid the dreaded “Bonk”.

4) Using Vespa eliminates the stomach & GI issues associated with trying to consume lots of calories and perform physical activity.

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