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Review the instructional videos below on the best way to try Vespa in this challenge.

Scenarios Below - General Use Information for Vespa Ultra Concentrate

Vespa Use - Scenario 1  -  Fasted Training

  • When you wake up have water, black coffee or tea
  • Dilute & take a Vespa approximately 30 minutes prior to run
  • If longer than 2 hours take another Vespa at 1- 2 hour intervals.

Vespa Use - Scenario 2  -  Long Run

  • When you wake up have a coffee or tea as you like it
  • Dilute & take a Vespa approximately 30 minutes prior to run
  • Cut your usual carb intake by half of normal to start
  • Take Vespa every 2 hours

Vespa Use - Scenario 3  -  Emergency Backup

  • Keep a pouch handy as a backup & use your normal fueling/nutrition
  • If you feel low and your fueling isn't working, dilute & take a Vespa.
  • Properly HYDRATE for the conditions & GO!

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